30 September 2007

Mastermorphix Tri-color Clover

Because of its triangular shape, it seems natural to re-create Pyraminx patterns on the Mastermorphix. For example, this is a fairly accurate imitation of the Pyraminx's Tri-color Clover.

This pattern can also be created on the Magic Octahedron and Tutt's Icosaminx.

This pattern doesn't exploit the shape-changing capabilities of the Mastermorphix, but I'm working my way up to that!

25 September 2007

Pyraminx Tri-color Clover

There are really four colors on each side, a "background" color and three differently colored flower petals. Yeah, it's abstract.

This is closely related to the colors you'd get if you started with a solved Pyraminx and just rotated each of the tips clockwise by 1 turn. But it's a nice prelude to my next post.

02 September 2007

5x5 Interlaced Spirals

My goal was to create a spiral path from the center to the outer edges. There's not more much to say about this one!