27 August 2007

5x5 Dodecahelix

In this pattern, a string visits each face twice as it winds its way around the cube. The two green/yellow faces are turned a quarter turn from each other.
Since it's not entirely clear from the photo above, I've included a schematic diagram at right.

This is another of those patterns that's most interesting in person because you can follow the string around the cube. Or you can try, anyway. It's easy to lose count before following it around all twelve faces in the pattern!

16 August 2007

Octahedron Four Clovers

My previous Gnostic Triquetra attempted to demonstrate how the Magic Octahedron could be divided into odd-and-even faces with two different patterns. This pattern shows it a bit more clearly: four sides have clovers, and four sides are blank.

The pattern is arranged so each face with a clover is flanked by three adjacent blank faces. And each blank face is flanked by three clovers.

08 August 2007

4x4 Tricolor Python

This pattern is related to the 5x5 Quad-color Python pattern I posted a few months ago. It retains the off-center stripes, which were the most challenging part of the 5x5 pattern.