29 April 2007


This pattern that can be adapted to any size cube. The sawtooth pattern winds around four sides, and the top and bottom are just blank.

22 April 2007

5x5 Dino Delta

This pattern is created by choosing four corners and rotating the colors around them Dino-cube-style.

The result is similar to what you'd get by turning the same four corners on a six-color Dino cube, except for the diagonal lines.

08 April 2007

Pyraminx Triquetra

There are relatively few patterns for Pyraminx due to its mechanical constraints. In this pattern each side has an identical 3-color triquetra in four different color combinations. It's a good academic exercise for the longtime Pyraminx fan who wants to try something different from the basic "solve."

This arrangement demonstrates that the corner pieces can be fully integrated into a pattern despite their limited mobility.

01 April 2007

5x5 Twisty Snake

This is just one of the countless ways to extend the basic 3x3 Snake onto the 5x5 cube. As the two views at right show, the snake worms its way around each face, making three turns on each face.

On the 5x5 cube the snake can be arranged to enter and exit each face in any combination of edge cubies. The simplest variant has a single turn on each face while the most elaborate has five turns per face. Another challenge is to extend it to three, four, or even five colors per face.