30 June 2008

6x6 Cube in Cube in Cube in Cube in Cube in Cube

This is a straightforward expansion on the common Cube-in-Cube pattern. I tried to arrange the colors carefully so the same colors wouldn't touch each other at the edges, since this tended to make the pattern look like a broken spiral. Every side has all six colors.

26 June 2008

4x4 Power Series

The number of stripes on the first three sides of the 4x4 represent the first three entries in an even power series: 1, 2, 4. As a simple exercise I extended the pattern to a custom-built 2x2x6 cube, but as the series 1, 2, 6.

17 June 2008

5x5x5 Dado Rail

The varying-width stripes remind me of the way a chair rail divides a wall between the dado below and the...uh... non-dado part.

But when viewed from a different angle it's easy to see this is just a simple 3-cycle pattern. (More precisely, it's two slightly different 3-cycle patterns.)