23 November 2007

Octahedron Snow Angels

This shape was inspired by a traditional snow angel.

As usual, the design is somewhat abstract. But when working with a slate of nine triangles any patterns has got to be pretty abstract.

15 November 2007

Broken Python

On the 4x4 this pattern looks a lot like a standard "python" pattern, except that the pattern has a beginning and an end instead of being a loop. On a 5x5 it's a little more obvious that the pattern itself IS a type of loop.

It's constructed like a standard python, but the pieces on one edge (the purple-white edge in this example) are swapped around to break the pattern.

02 November 2007

5x5 Tropical Petals

This pattern occurred just by chance during my holiday in Hawaii. An Eastsheen cube naturally forms two groups of colors that look tropical: a red-yellow-blue scheme reminiscent of a tropical Macaw, and a white-purple-green scheme like an orchid.

The pattern itself is a variant of a standard snake, albeit with several modifications. The pictures were takent near Kona, Hawaii.