01 April 2007

5x5 Twisty Snake

This is just one of the countless ways to extend the basic 3x3 Snake onto the 5x5 cube. As the two views at right show, the snake worms its way around each face, making three turns on each face.

On the 5x5 cube the snake can be arranged to enter and exit each face in any combination of edge cubies. The simplest variant has a single turn on each face while the most elaborate has five turns per face. Another challenge is to extend it to three, four, or even five colors per face.


The Cube said...

Dude, how does anyone have the time to do something this retarded?

Waran said...

Wow, what an awesome pattern! I really like your snake variation:

5x5 Twisty Snake
F ND R2 ND' R NF R2 NF' R' F'
B' NU' L2 NU L' NB' L2 NB L B
U D · L2 F2 NR · F B' · ND' (NF MD NF' MD') F B · L2 · U' D' (37 btm)

Anonymous said...

Stuff off 'The Cube'. just don't be such a fricking dicktard

Anonymous said...

nice job Waran btw