06 May 2007

5x5 Quad-color Python

The term "Python" usually describes a rope pattern that winds around the entire cube in a repeating pattern of turn-right, turn-left, straight.

It was surprisingly difficult to devise a workable color scheme because the off-center Pythons have two different sets of constraints, one for the face cubies and another for the edge cubies.

Other than the obvious substitution of different faces (ie: reflections or rotations) I could identify only two schemes. The two cubes below show how the two schemes have the same colors on each face, just in a different order:


Chris said...

love the site dude ~~

Takafumi said...

Good job
Nice to meet you.
Your blog became my one of the favorites.

Please go on.

Scott Elliott said...

Thank you. I really appreciate the encouragement, so I will try to post frequently!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of your quad snakes but one thing I hate is you and I have different color schemes