05 December 2007

5x5 Curvy Snake

This is a 5x5 variant of the standard "snake" pattern from the 3x3 cube, but with curves added.

I made this pattern during a holiday in Hawaii and accidentally stumbled on the Tropical Petals pattern afterward. So the simplest way to create either of these patterns is to first arrange the edges as shown here for the Curvy Snake, then adjust the center pieces to match either the Curvy Snake or Tropical Petals pattern.

1 comment:

Waran said...

You can build a tropical snake like this:

5x5 Curvy Snake
U B D R MD2 B MD2 B' (NR2 MD2)2 R' D' B' U'
U' D' · F B · R2 (VF ND VF' ND') R2 · F' B' · U D
D' U' · B2 · R L (NU VL NU- VL') R' L' · B2 · U D (38 btm)