16 March 2008

5x5 Grecian Urn 2

This string pattern has the same layout as my previous Grecian Urn 1 but with a somewhat more complicated arrangement of colors, so the side faces have four colors each. No two string fragments on the same face are the same color.

Too complicated? Here's a schematic showing how the pieces are laid out on the cube.


Anonymous said...

Why is this number 2? Well, the Grecian Urn 1 can be found here: http://cubepatterns.blogspot.com/2007/10/5x5-grecian-urn-1.html

Waran said...

Actually this isn't a solution for the '5x5 Grecian Urn 2' pattern, it is just another variation of it:

5x5 Grecian Urn
D' (WF2 R2)2 U'
TD (MR2 TF2)2 TU
(NR2 · NF2 NB2)2 (18 btm)