25 March 2007

4x4 Three-way Stripe

This simple geometric pattern requires only 12 moves starting from a solved cube.

And it looks about the same from all vantage points: any 3 faces you look at will point in three different directions.

This three-stripe pattern swaps all center cubies with those on the opposite face, something that can't be done on a 2x2, 3x3, or 5x5 cube. So unless the fabled 6x6 Olympic Cube becomes readily available this pattern is restricted to the 4x4 Rubik's Revenge (and equivalent 4x4 cubes).

The illustrated cube is a 1982 Rubik's Revenge, made in Macau. At the time, that would technically make it a Portuguese cube.


Anonymous said...

hey the 3 way stripe can also work on the 3x3 too (:

Anonymous said...

wat is the algorithm to do that...you never put it on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waran said...

The algorithm for this pattern is:

4x4 Three-way Stripe
R2 F2 SR2 F2 MR2 WD2 TL2 SU2 (8 btm)