27 March 2007

5x5 Be My Valentine

The bright colors of Eastsheen's 5x5 cube inspired me to build this heart shape on its red and white sides. The other four sides have an abstract 2-color pattern that just occupies the remaining pieces, nothing terribly special.

Sometime I'd like to try to extend a theme to the remaining sides, such as X's and O's for hugs and kisses. Uh...that's beginning to sound a bit too cutesy for me.

The cube is a contemporary Eastsheen A5. Here's a view of some of the other, uninteresting sides.


Anonymous said...

can you show me the formula for making that pattern?

Anonymous said...

can you make a tutorial on how to make that pattern
thanks :D

jake said...

now im on the right post. yes, again haha, could you email me (jtjwsnake@aol.com) that alg or ill just bookmark this page and check back occasionally to see if youve posted it here for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Does somebody know an Algorythm for that heart Pattern?