08 August 2007

4x4 Tricolor Python

This pattern is related to the 5x5 Quad-color Python pattern I posted a few months ago. It retains the off-center stripes, which were the most challenging part of the 5x5 pattern.

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Waran said...

This is a difficult one (at least for me). I hope someone will post a better solution:

4x4 Tricolor Python
R U' (WR2 B' WR · F2 B · WR F2) U R'
U2 D2 (TD MB2 D' (MD' TR2)2 (MU TF2 MU' TB2)2) D2 U2
U ML2 (MR2 U2 MR2 TU2 MR2 MU2) ML2 U'
U D (WR WF' WR' WF) U' D'
D' ((WD' MR D2 MR' WD MR D2 MR') (WD' ML' D2 ML WD ML' D2 ML)) D
B R (ML U2 ML' MD ML U2 ML' MD') R' B'
B2 L (MD MB' U2 MB MD' MB' U2 MB) L' B2
F2 U' (ML' U2 ML MD ML' U2 ML MD') U F2
F2 L2 (MD ML' U2 ML MD' ML' U2 ML) L2 F2 (107 btm)