21 July 2007

4x4 Water and Fire

I named this simple 4x4x4 pattern for the 3-color groupings into cool and warm colors representing water & fire. I stumbled onto this pattern while playing with a big, cheap 4x4x4. It works pretty well, despite the cheap price.


Waran said...

Here is a solution I found:

4x4 Water and Fire
L- · U D · F- D- (B D2 F- ML- F D2 B- MU) D F · U- D- · L
F- · U D · L- U- (R U2 L- MF- L U2 R- MD) U L · U- D- · F (36 btm)

Anonymous said...

wow... not an actual rubik's brand impossible with real rubik's 4x4x4 cube