08 July 2007

"Awful" Waffle

This just didn't work.

I worked out how to arrange the colors in a sort of "Waffle Weave" arrangement, but when I tried it out on a 4x4x4 cube it looked horrible. Really, just look at it!

So I tried again on a 5x5x5, hoping the background color between the stripes might make them more visible. It did, but it still looked awful.

Oh well, I've got better ideas...

[Edit] Patrick C noticed the Waffle pattern is somewhat clearer if you concentrate on just one face at a time. Sure enough! From the angle shown below, the pattern is even visible on the 4x4x4. (If you squint.)


Patrick C said...

I'm PKRTCN on the forum

I thought the 4x4 was scrambled!
But if you only focus on one face at a time, the 5x5 looks fine.


Scott Elliott said...

Yep, the 4x4 looked pretty awful.

But I focused on just one face, and sure enough you're right. Even the 4x4x4 is (almost) recognizable!

Thanks! I added a photo that focuses on just one face of each cube. Why didn't I think of that earlier?

Per K Fredlund said...

I like waffles. Last year i constructed the waffle pattern in 20 turns - working backwards from scrambled to solved. The trick is to slide the "locked" layers so as to create minimal distortion on the centers.