26 July 2007

5x5 Twisted DNA

A pair of threads twist over and under each other, wrapping around all six sides. Shown at right, the color scheme is based on two ordinary 3-cycle twists. It's essentially two snake type patterns woven together to depict a DNA-like double-helix.

Because the color scheme is based on a 3-cycle rotation, the cube shows three colors on three sides when viewed diagonally as shown in the picture at left.


Anonymous said...

where are the "how to" sections? Do you have algs for making these?

Scott Elliott said...

I don't develop algs. Most of my patterns are devloped by experimenting with ideas and exploring what the cube can do.

Other cubers DO work out solutions to some of my patterns, and there are several on this thread at TwistyPuzzles.com plus some other patterns I never even thought of!